One Piece Odyssey: Everything we know so far

One Piece Odyssey
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 While the latest One Piece video game from Bandai Namco has been delayed out of 2022, there is still plenty out there about One Piece Odyssey to get excited about. Sure, fans of the franchise will have to wait a little bit longer for this new game for 2023, but a little more time in the oven is never a bad thing since the developer is specifically looking to mark the 25th anniversary of the One Piece franchise as a whole.

In case you somehow missed it, One Piece Odyssey was first announced March 28, 2022 by developer ILCA and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment. The upcoming JRPG sees the Straw Hats stranded on the mysterious island, Waford, and forced to explore it in order to figure out what’s going on with it – and themselves, as they seem to regress in ability after arriving. For a deep dive on the latest One Piece video game, keep reading to get the skinny on what we know about One Piece Odyssey so far.

One Piece Odyssey release date

One Piece Odyssey

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The One Piece Odyssey release date is set to officially release on January 12, 2023 for PC players and on January 13, 2023 for those of you looking to play on consoles. It isn't clear why Bandai Namco has set two different release dates between platforms, although given how One Piece Odyssey has already endured a delay, we're just happy to see dates set in stone. 

One Piece Odyssey platforms

One Piece Odyssey screenshot shows off new character Lim

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One Piece Odyssey will be released for PC via Steam, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X. Notably, the upcoming JRPG is not set to release for the Xbox One. While not releasing for the previous generation is increasingly common, it is a bit odd for One Piece Odyssey to still be releasing on the PS4 but not the Xbox One.

One Piece Odyssey pre-order / One Piece Odyssey collector’s edition

One Piece Odyssey's Luffy looks at a mysterious box

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The One Piece Odyssey pre-orders are now live, and there are a couple of editions to consider. There are three versions you can pre-order, along with a regional variant: standard, digital deluxe, and the collector’s/limited edition.

In general, pre-ordering One Piece Odyssey grants 10 Energy Apple, 10 Excited Apple, 3 Golden Jelly, 100,000 Berries, and the Traveling Outfit set for Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Nami, Chopper, and Robin. That seems to largely be for all the different versions. Pre-ordering from GameStop in the US includes an exclusive Steelbook while Best Buy is offering a One Piece Odyssey keychain. The digital Deluxe Edition, however, includes the Sniper King outfit for Usopp alongside the Adventure Expansion Pack, which is essentially the upcoming DLC for the video game.

The US, however, only appears to have a Limited Edition featuring a figure of Luffy and Lim available from the Bandai Namco store while the EU has a full-on Collector’s Edition with everything mentioned above minus the keychain plus a set of three postcards, a special box, and two in-game accessories available through the Bandai Namco store in that region.

One Piece Odyssey trailer

There have been several different One Piece Odyssey trailers, but the most notable of these indicate that the game will see the Straw Hats revisiting key moments from their past and essentially reenacting various arcs from the manga and anime. Previously, the kingdom of Alabasta was seen in a trailer and the latest trailer specifically includes Water Seven, one of the most important arcs in the franchise’s story.

One Piece Odyssey gameplay

Luffy and the Straw Hats celebrate with glowing green boxes floating around.

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Gameplay for One Piece Odyssey is a mix of puzzles and dungeons with traversal and combat. There’s different skills and characters level up to get stronger in traditional JRPG fashion, but Bandai Namco has also been hyping up a system it’s referring to as “the Dramatic Scene system” where unexpected scenarios can crop up where, for example, Usopp might get intimidated by an enemy and need rescuing.

In general, the plot seems to be about gathering the abilities and memories of the crew while on the island of Waford. This essentially translates to leveling up over time in order to become more powerful and ultimately end up at the level of power the Straw Hats were before they were stranded on the island.

Is One Piece Odyssey multiplayer?

Princess Vivi cries in screenshot from One Piece Odyssey.

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There is no multiplayer in One Piece Odyssey. Every bit of information put out by Bandai Namco indicates that it is for one person and one person only to play.

One Piece Odyssey characters

New character from One Piece Odyssey featured.

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Notably, One Piece Odyssey features the vast majority of the Straw Hat Pirates crew as playable characters. That includes Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook. (This isn’t the full crew up to the current point in the manga and anime, but One Piece Odyssey itself is set before those events anyway.)

Each playable character has their own specific abilities in combat as well as while exploring outside of combat. For example, Zoro can cut down barriers while Luffy can slingshot around a bit. In short, there will be reasons to use each member of the crew in combat and out.

In addition to the Straw Hats, One Piece Odyssey includes two all-new One Piece characters in the humans Adio and Lim. While information about Adio has been relatively sparse, it is known that Lim will play a major role in how the Straw Hats navigate the island.

One Piece Odyssey developers

One Piece's Luffy looks raring to go in One Piece Odyssey screenshot.

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One Piece Odyssey is being developed by ILCA and published by Bandai Namco. The developer is perhaps best known for doing Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond as well as developing Pokemon Home, the app that allows for transferring Pokemon between different modern titles alongside Pokemon Go.

While this marks the first One Piece game developed by ILCA, it does have plenty of experience working on 3D RPGs. Prior to One Piece Odyssey, the most recent major One Piece video game was 2020’s One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 from Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force. Prior to that, Ganbarion developed 2019's One Piece: World Seeker.

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