One of the highest-rated roguelikes of all time is now officially out, and it's only gotten better

A red-bandana potato wielding two SMG is ready for battle in key art from Brotato
(Image credit: Blobfish)

During its ten-month tenure in early access, Brotato has slowly become one of the highest-rated roguelikes of all time on Steam, and now it’s only gotten better thanks to its official 1.0 release last month. 

Brotato is what you’d get if you mixed Vampire Survivors with The Binding Of Isaac, but the main character is instead the most powerful potato in existence. The setup is simple: a lone spaceship housing our titular potato bro crashes into a mysterious planet, forcing us to shoot through waves of deadly aliens in some top-down goodness. 

The roguelike elements come into play with the game’s wild customisation options. Dozens of playable potato variants and hundreds of randomised items all let you mod your playstyle to extreme degrees. Oh, and despite not having limbs, our potato bro can hold onto six weapons at any time, including expected favourites (shotguns and wrenches) and funkier options (potato throwers and cacti clubs.)

Brotato can be quite challenging at first, but there are thankfully a ton of accessibility options to help you along, and runs rarely last for more than 30 minutes. An auto-shooting toggle makes the game play even more like last year’s breakout roguelike, Vampire Survivors, so everyone should be able to pick up and play Brotato.

Mashing, frying, and boiling down enemies seems to have worked its magic on roguelike fans, as Brotato currently has an Overwhelming Positive rating based on over 38,000 Steam user reviews. The game still has its sights on getting even better, though, since developer Blobfish recently added 5 new elites, 6 new characters, 7 new weapons, and 12 new challenges to celebrate the game’s full release out of early access. 

The best part? Brotato is cheaper than a sack of potatoes, meaning you can grab it on Steam for the low price of £3.99/€4.99/$4.99. Although it's currently 20% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale. The game is also making its way to the Nintendo Switch later this year, so wannabe alien-slaying potatoes should keep their eyes peeled for a release date soon.

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