One of the biggest Skyrim mods ever is 10 years into development and still going

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Whether you've fully completed or simply stepped away from Skyrim, it'll hardly surprise you to learn that there are still Skyrim mods out there being developed. One such mod, which is still yet to be released some ten or so years after its conception, is Lordbound.

The mod is essentially a vast (and totally free) add-on for the game. It's been in development since 2014, and adds 60+ hours of gameplay to the already extensive Elder Scrolls title. That includes a new region known as Druadach, which is "larger than Solstheim" and contains more than 40 quests, 50 new dungeons to explore, and the "biggest main quest you've ever played in Skyrim, with choices and consequences that change the state of the valley."

Scattered across the valley are a slew of new weapons and armour for your character to claim. And we're not just talking re-specced/re-skinned items. This orc armour, for example, is just one of the sets you could find yourself bagging in your playthrough.

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There are even new spells to uncover in Lordbound, which could prove a powerful addition to your arsenal. Most interestingly, the Lordbound mod is touting "surprising consumables"... I'm excited and a little worried to learn what that could mean, but all in due course.

Making a mod of this size is no easy task and the Lordbound ModDB page (via PCGN) is still receiving updates, in case anyone was concerned that it wasn't going ahead. There you can find blog posts that detail more about the land of Druadach and its many secrets.

Checking out the trailer it's clear a lot of work has gone into the environment design, and I expect the same level of care will be seen in the quests. And in case you have modding experience, the team's latest blog post says they're "always open for recruitment", specifically they're looking for a video editor, visual artist, world designer, quest designer and living world designer - i.e. someone to design interactions with villagers about stolen sweetrolls and the like. The mod is expected in late 2024 with "a medium-high amount of confidence", according to developer Kiria. 

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