One of 2023's most promising indies is coming to consoles

(Image credit: Venba)

Venba has expanded its launch plans to arrive on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as Xbox Game Pass.

The announcement for Venba came just yesterday on March 20, revealing the narrative cooking game would be arriving on PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass in total. This is a pretty huge expansion for the Indian game, which was previously only down to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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However, developer Visai Games has quietly delayed Venba by just a few short months. Whereas the game was previously slated to launch in Spring 2023 for PC and Switch, the additional console releases appear to have delayed the project slightly to Summer 2023.

Venba has been hanging around for a few years, and it's always looked stellar. The game tells the story of an Indian immigrant family in Canada, struggling to adapt to the new world around them, as the mother and father of the family take on new jobs, and the son heads to a new English-speaking school for the first time.

All of this is laid on the foundations of a cooking game. Venba is a narrative cooking game at heart, which might sound strange at first, but it's through the dishes you cook that Venba constructs its story - the two elements really tie into one another to tell one cohesive immigrant story. This is all to say you won't want to miss Venba when it launches later this year, now on more platforms than ever.

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