One hit kills for Soul Calibur IV?

Soul Calibur IV will contain a brand new feature for the boob-heavy battling series, enabling fighters to claim a win without battering down their rival's health bar.

"Now there's a gameplay element that will let you win that doesn't involve the health gauge," lead programmer Masaaki Hoshino has revealed during a featurein this month's issue of the UK Official PlayStation Magazine.

The mag posits one possibility as Bushido Blade-style instant kills - which sounds like a superb idea, though we agree with OPM that it could cause long-term fans tons of grief.

Hoshino tells OPM that the first screenshots, featured in the mag,give away some clues which has OPM suggesting that weapon-breaks, ala Soul Edge, could return. What are your guesses? Why not spurt them out on the forum?

Since picking up a UK magazine might be tough for those of us on this side of the Atlantic, why not peruse our high-browexamination of the series' feminine competitors? There are pictures...

August 1, 2007

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