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Okay, maybe Modern Warfare Remastered is actually going to happen

I have to admit I was very dubious of the image apparently showing that a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster (opens in new tab) was on the way along with the rumour that Infinite Warfare was the next COD (opens in new tab). But Infinity Ward just tweeted this: 

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Top leveling trolling, or confirmation that at least one of those rumours is true? The line (lifted from Aliens back when COD was a shameless patchwork of movie tropes and dialogue) would suggest Modern Warfare is a go for remaster, but then the line and game is also probably the studio's most famous catchphrase - maybe they're just telling people to wait... for a... thing. 

The official Call of Duty twitter account is also getting in on the fun with this lovely message to a fan: 

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Looks like it's actually going to happen then. Here's the leaked image from earlier today (via ) in case you missed it. I still say the content warning bottom left looks stuck on, but current evidence suggests it might not be fake after all. 

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