Okami Wii: First look

Oct 23, 2007

It all makes sense. Okami was brilliant on PS2, its lush visuals and dreamy atmosphere combining to excellent effect and helping to make it one of the console's greatest games. Even the 'draw shape/line to trigger attack/event' gameplay, which could have been awkward, workedadequately with the analogue sticks.

But on Wii, the paintbrush now commanded with a flick of the Wiimote, Okami comes together like a masterpiece. At least, we expect it to. Our first look comprised of the first trailer at a recent Capcom event, complete with details on how this Nintendo-bound edition will work. But we've yet to brush test the motion-controls for ourselves. Even so, when the idea makes so much sense, how can it fail to work out wonderfully?

Above: There's no screens from the Wii version, but we'll be shocked if it doesn't look equally as pretty as on PS2

Okami's Wii transition is being handled by Ready at Dawn, the developer of Daxter on PSP as well as the upcoming God of War: Chains of Olympus. How it will handle its first Wii title is unclear, but during a recent interview with IGN.com, RaD president Didier Malenfant appeared confident that the developer had "pulled it off without a problem.".

The motion-controls promised will combine lupine hero Amaterasu's physical and Celestial Brush attacks, likely using a similar technique to the PS2 version, where you held a button to call up the 'canvas' on which to paint your attacks. Except, obviously, the Wiimote will be used as a paintbrush substitute.

As with every single Wii game, the sensitivity and intelligence with which the Wiimote is used will be key. Though it shouldn't be difficult for Okami's brush waving gameplay to be intuitively matched with Wii's controllers. Didier Melenfant even goes so far as to say that, tounge firmly in cheek, "maybe the Wii was designed with Okami in mind...".

But, should the Wii version not excel in what ought to be a perfect environment, we'll all be left sobbing uncontrollably into our Amaterasu plush toys at a tragically missed opportunity. Fingers crossed...