Okami credits cut - original director "dejected"

Okami director Hideki Kamiya has expressed his feelings on not being credited on the Wii port of his game, saying he feels 'dejected.'

It was revealed earlier this month that the original end credits have been removed in the Wii version, leaving both Kamiya and his staff at the now dissolved Clover studios unnamed.

Posting on his new company blog, he said: "I really don't know what under pretext the credits were cut... What do you all think? I feel dejected, and not only because my own name has been erased from my creation.

"Of course we have pride in our work and we want to scream 'We made this!' from the top of our lungs. But more than that, the fact that they cut the entire staff is utterly deplorable."

On one hand, Capcom has said that the game is a straight port, so we reckon the designers deserve a mention. But onthe other hand, someone else did make it. You wouldn't expect to see the original Cameraman listed on the credits of a Hollywood remake, would you?

Capcom has since responded, explaining that the original credits were part of a pre-rendered movie that included the Panda logo. For legal reasons, it had to be removed.

Thanks toKotakufor the translation.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 1, 2008