NPR tests 'The Kevin Butler' sandwich (trust us, this will make sense)

Yes, this is a newsstory about a sandwich. And yes, that sandwich is called 'The Kevin Butler.' If tales of fictional mascots inspiring real life sandwiches offends your gaming news sensibilities, then gocomplain about the BAFTA nominees. If, however, you're interested in learning how an off-handed interview comment spawned the greatest, most heart-attack inducing specimen of American gourmet cuisine, then please, join us for a quick bite...

The legend of the Kevin Butler sandwich begins back in September 2010 when Sony's VP of tongue-in-cheek interviews described his favorite sandwich to GameInformer, saying, %26ldquo;Have you ever had a Monte Cristo? It's an entire ham, turkey, and Swiss sandwich dipped in French Toast batter and deep fried. It's actually semi-extinct in most parts of the world, because few could handle it's epicness. Well, my favorite sandwich is a double bacon cheeseburger with two Monte Cristo Sandwiches as the bun.%26rdquo;

Above: Mmmm... coronary bypass-alicious!

Sadly, the world of 2010 simply was not socially, politically or technologically advanced enough to handle Kevin Butler's sandwich. As such, the revolutionary recipe faded into legend until this past Monday when the radio visionaries at NPR made a bold decision to throw the laws of biology to the wind and recreate the burger as part of their Sandwich: Monday feature.

%26ldquo;The KFC Double Down is to Barry Bonds in 1987 as the Kevin Butler is to Barry Bonds in 2005,%26rdquo; wrote NPR producer, Mike Danforth, on the ensuring blog play-by-play.

%26ldquo;I think you have to do it starfish style, and remove your stomach from your body and let it eat the sandwich,%26rdquo; added Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me host, Peter Sagal.

While the total health benefits and long term effects on the human body have yet to be quantified, NPR's crew have labeled The Kevin Butler the most extreme sandwich they've come across yet. Rounding out its evaluation, producer Eva Wolchover predicted that, %26ldquo;In the future, there will be two competing theories about what caused human extinction. Some will say it was an asteroid, others will say it was this sandwich.%26rdquo;

*GamesRadar does not condone the creation or consumption of The Kevin Butler. Please, consult a doctor before attempting.

[Source: NPR via GameInformer]

Feb 16, 2011

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