Notice anything different? We've updated the GamesRadar+ homepage and here's how it works

GamesRadar+ Desktop Homepage

You might have noticed a few changes to the GameRadar+ homepage today. The top of the site looks the same, but we've added some new sections when you start to explore. This isn't a transformation on the scale of Queer Eye or Extreme Makeover: Homepage Edition, but we have introduced some new sections which should make it easier to find what you want: whether you prefer a mix of games, movies and TV coverage; or to focus on one subject. We're making it quicker to watch our videos with a new homepage player carousel, and simpler to discover the best new releases each week. Our updated homepage should be fairly self-explanatory, but if you can spare a few moments we'll walk you through our updated sections below.

What To Play

What To Play GamesRadar+ Homepage

What To Play is - can you guess? - where all our latest games coverage lives, including news, previews, reviews, guides and features. You can filter the entire section using the tabs if, say, you only want to read original features, or focus on the latest news. We cover the games worth playing across PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (plus some mobile games… basically any platform worth playing), with a mix of news, guides, buying advice, in-depth features and editorials. If you want to read more articles like these, you can tap the 'View More' or 'View All' buttons. We appreciate some readers prefer to read about games than movies or TV, so this is the place for you.

You can now watch our most popular videos directly on the homepage without having to click through to an article. Our Recommended Videos For You section lets you pick between four recent videos and will be regularly updated with a mix of guides, features, reviews and more. For example, you'll be able to watch the latest Fortnite weekly challenges, focused guides for the best AAA games, or in-depth features about the wider world of games, movies or TV - like our recent discussion about the mind-scrambling Westworld season 2 ending.

Clue: this section highlights an article that is the opposite of unpopular - and we'll leave you to fill in the blanks.

What's Hot

GamesRadar+ loves to go in-depth on the best games, movies and TV shows you can play and watch right now; and this is where you'll find the biggest event of the week. For example, our E3 games show coverage, the Westworld season 2 conclusion, or guides to the latest Xbox, PS4 or Switch game (because finding every last Eye of Odin in God of War is worth an entry on anyone's CV thankyouverymuch). We'll rotate this section every week with unrivalled coverage of the hottest games, movies or TV out right now.

What To Watch

What to Watch is where you'll find all our latest movies and TV coverage written by GR+'s in-house experts and with coverage from Total Film and SFX magazine. You can filter the section by News, Reviews and Features; plus tap 'View More' to read more of our latest coverage. We'll have all the news that matters on the big MCU movies, Star Wars, Netflix Originals and more; plus discussions about endings, lore and talking points from the best shows.

What's Best

What's Best is home to all of our buying guides and best lists to help you find the best games, movies and TV available right now; plus save you time and money. We've got lists of all the best games on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and more regularly updated by our experts, plus the best movies on Netflix, Amazon and in cinemas. Our buying guides will help you decide what to look for when choosing, say, a new laptop or console hard drive, and help steer you to the best prices available anywhere on the internet. Your time and money are precious, and this is where we'll do our best to help you find the home entertainment worth playing and watching.

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