Not Another Teen Movie review

Haven't we suffered enough? Weren't Scary Movie and its sequel adequate punishment for our sins? Obviously not, or no one would foist this turgid teen-pic spoof upon us.

Hung loosely from the story of She's All That (`ugly' girl is transformed into prom queen), Not Another Teen Movie crams the plots of `80s bratpackers, `90s gross-outers and evergreen adolescent romancers into a messy puddle of body function gags, `clever' references and `witty' homages.

Clear-cut proof that five writers are worse than one, this is stuffed with lazy, uninspired gags. Of course, if you actually liked Scary Movie 2 then you'll enjoy this, and it has to be said that a smattering of jokes do stick - quite literally, in one or two envelope-stretching cases. But when a movie's soundtrack is its only real saving grace - - in this case, a nu-metal/Goth workover of `80s classics - - then you know you're in trouble.


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