Nolan talks Dark Knight

Life is pretty flamin’ good for Chris Nolan right now and it seems it’s about to get even better.

The envy of Hollywood helmers, Nolan has the Bat franchise neatly tucked away in his pocket and because of his Midas touch of turning big-budget box office fare into flicks acceptable to the art-house indie crowd, everyone wants him to helm their movie.

At a recent junket for his illusion-based spine-chiller The Prestige, Nolan was prodded for news on the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight and he revealed some juicy chunks of info.

“It's a pretty direct continuation of where the last film left off,” Nolan revealed. “The last scene of Batman Begins suggests the strong direction we wanted to take the story in. It absolutely carries on with a lot of the thematic concerns and hopefully takes it someplace new.”

Nolan was also probed on the inclusion of the Harvey Dent character - the man who starts out life as the Gotham City district attorney and ends up incarcerated in Arkham Asylum under the guise of criminal mastermind, Two-Face. So is the facially-scarred coin-flipper going to make an appearance?

“I don't want to go into too many specifics, but yes, he is.”

The rumour currently circulating is that Nolan is sniffing around a big-screen version of ‘60s TV hit, The Prisoner – about an ex-government agent who is kidnapped and kept in a strange facility without release.

“The Prisoner is something I've been interested in for quite a long time, and I think I've figured out the take on how we'd approach it and the relevance of it today,” the Memento helmer said. “David and Janet Peoples are terrific, who you know wrote Blade Runner and Twelve Monkeys, they're working on the script right now. I'm very excited to see what they've come up with.”

Sound good? No. It sounds frikkin’ awesome. Work quickly, Mr Nolan, there’s a good chap.