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No more Skyrim DLC as team moves on to next project

The Bethesda team behind Skyrim is moving on after more than 16 months of post-release support. No more DLC is planned for the smash hit open-world game, with the 1.9 patch its last planned major infusion of content, Bethesda announced today.

The staff is moving on to its next major project, which is ready to move into large-scale production with a full team push. Bethesda gave no indication of what that title will be, but given that Fallout 3 fell between Oblivion and Skyrim (Fallout: New Vegas was developed externally by Obsidian), our bet is on another trip to the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Minor updates will still trickle out as needed, but Skyrim fiends crossing their fingers for another expansion past Dragonborn are out of luck. You may at least have an Elder Scrolls: Arena remake or re-release to keep you busy until the next game, given this Australian ratings board listing.

UPDATE: The Australian listing was just a clerical mix-up, as the game was not in the system before, Bethesda told Joystiq. You can always download the classic PC game free from Bethesda.

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