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No Mass Effect on PS3

Oct 12, 2007

BioWare has said it currently has no plans to bring Mass Effect to PS3 in the wake of news hitting on EA snapping up the developer.

"Our focus is pure and simple; it's to deliver the best game possible for our fans with Mass Effect, and that's an Xbox 360 exclusive. Microsoft's a great partner... and they've really helped build the value of the product and we're proud to work with them," BioWare's Ray Muzyka has said.

It emergedyesterday thatEA has bought both BioWare and Pandemic Studios. The news left us gob-smacked.

Speaking further about Mass Effect, BioWare's Greg Zeschuk reaffirmed that it'll be a trilogy, reminding the world that the developer's been on the record in the past as saying it wants the three games to be on Xbox 360.

However, while the developer says there's currently no plan to pursue Mass Effect on PS3, Zeschuk added that BioWare "can't predict the future."

Talking generally about the buyout, Ray Muzyka said, "We're going to continue to drive the craft that you've come to expect from BioWare's games, and we're going to continue to innovate - each game better than the last."

Courtesy of CVG.