No Man's Sky Switch release date set for October

No Man's Sky is releasing on Nintendo Switch on October 7, 2022, Hello Games has announced.

The Switch version of No Man's Sky was announced back in February and just last month Hello Games said it was putting the finishing touches on the port. Thankfully, it now seems there were little to no hiccups finalizing its release, as we're now officially only a few months away from launch.

In a press release, Hello Games founder Sean Murray spoke about the immense challenge of porting such a large game, with a seemingly endless amount of procedurally generated worlds, onto the five-year old mobile Switch.

"No Man's Sky on this tiny portable device feels both completely natural and also totally improbable at the same time," said Murray. "This has been a real moonshot for our small team. No Man's Sky is built around procedural generation, which means the console generates everything you see. This makes it so much harder to bring our game to something like the Switch, but I think this team never seems happier than when they are trying to do near-impossible things."

No Man's Sky on Switch is the complete deal with all 20 major updates, including the most recent: Sentinel and Outlaws, from February and April, respectively.

Today's announcement also included the reveal of a PS5 boxed version of No Man's Sky that'll launch with all of the above content on the same day: October 7. This will be the first time a new version of the game launches in physical stores since 2019's Beyond update.

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Jordan Gerblick

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