No Man's Sky PSVR 2 update is out right now

No Man's Sky
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No Man's Sky has a new PSVR 2 mode, and it's out right now for everyone with the new-gen headset.

The PSVR 2 only just launched around the world earlier today on February 22. To coincide with the PS5 virtual reality headset, No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has announced a PSVR 2 mode for the spacefaring game, and it's out now as a free download for everyone who already owns the base game.

This new update for No Man's Sky, which is version 4.1 and dubbed "Fractal" by the developer, "brings full support with new immersive controls and next generation visuals." This new mode boasts "headset vibrations, 3D audio technology and intelligent tracking, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers" for the PSVR 2's Sense controllers.

In short, you can now play No Man's Sky in its entirety in PSVR 2. There's even some changes to the PSVR 2 mode that are exclusive to the VR view, including better textures and foliage, reflections, and even increased draw distance for those scouting far-off structures on planets.

Update 4.1 isn't limited to PSVR 2 features for No Man's Sky. There's the new Utopia Speeder, which all players can earn on all platforms, which lets you skim across planet surfaces at high velocity, as well as the new expedition called Utopia, which challenges players to work together to rebuild a mysterious satellite structure for the Utopia Foundation.

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Steam Deck players will now be able to use gyro controls in No Man's Sky, and players on the former platform get the new Nexus and Quicksilver missions. Finally, there's a "raft of new accessibility features" built into the Fractal update for all platforms, although players will have to delve into the game to find these for themselves.

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