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No Man's Sky looks like a beautiful Destiny/Minecraft space baby in this Trade video

No Man's Sky isn't just a great big universe to explore full of things to fight. It has resources, lots of resources, and oh so many things to do with them. Trade is the pillar of the latest explainer video from Sony and developer Hello Games, but I think a more accurate (if slightly more lengthy) descriptor would be "Shooting things to turn them into other things, including money".

You can really see the Destiny influence in all those inventory and crafting panels. That's a good thing - Destiny's interface always looks very slick, even as it handles fairly complicated tasks like customizing gear and tracking reputation gains. No Man's Sky is clearly in good visual design company.  I'm looking forward to spending many happy hours staring at my ship customization menu once it hits PC and PS4 on August 9 in the US and August 10 in the UK.

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