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Nintendo's E3 lineup full of games by western developers

Nintendo's E3 presence will have more western games than usual, says company president, Satoru Iwata. “I feel that it will become necessary to reinforce the development resources in the foreign countries. Therefore, I hope we will be able to show you something like that at E3,” said Iwata at aninvestor briefinglast week.

Those western games could be for the 3DS or Nintendo's new console, whichNintendo plans to unveil at the trade show. Iwata's comments on the state of Nintendo's third-party partners seem to indicate that many of these western titles will be for the new home console. “Of course, we would like to cooperate with software developers for Wii's successor, and as I am repeatedly saying, I don't believe Nintendo can carry out everything alone. I am saying that we are responsible for building up the market, but I don't think that Nintendo can maintain the market alone; We are aiming for creating a situation where software publishers will be willing to cooperate,” said Iwata.

Iwata also commented on the online capabilities of the new system, and implied that Nintendo was seeking outside help in that area. “(Nintendo) would like to clearly differentiate what is our true strength from what we can basically do by ourselves but can be done better by more skillful outside specialists in order not to fall into that trap again. You may be aware of some features which I am implying now in relation to the future developments of Nintendo 3DS and Wii’s successor system that we announced yesterday.”

May 3, 2011

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