Nintendo World Championship qualifiers are US-only

You'll need to be a US resident if you want to live out your childhood dreams of being Fred Savage's brother in The Wizard. Eight Best Buy locations across the country will host qualifying rounds for the Nintendo World Championships on May 30, sending their top-scoring players in Ultimate NES Remix Championship mode to the main event in Los Angeles next month.

Said mode was inspired by the original 1990 Nintendo World Championships, so it's a natural place to start - top players will be ranked based on their performance in three short snippets of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario. Systems and games will be provided for the event.

Each qualifier will run from 10 am to 7 pm local time, though only the first 750 eligible attendees on-site will be guaranteed a spot in the competition. The winner from each of the eight regionals will move on to the Nintendo World Championships in Los Angeles on June 14, along with eight other competitors selected by Nintendo. The eight mystery guests will be revealed in the "near future," but it sounds like Corey and Haley may be up for it...

The final event will be "a multi-round competition with a variety of Nintendo games." Even if you can't make qualifiers, you can still catch a stream of the main event on June 14.

Here are the eight Best Buy locations - remember, only the first 750 attendees are guaranteed entry, so you'll want to show up early.

San Francisco, CA (1717 Harrison St.)

Torrance, CA (3675 Pacific Coast Highway)

Miami, FL (10760 NW 17th St.)

Schaumburg, IL (900 E. Golf Road)

Maple Grove, MN (12905 Elm Creek Blvd. N)

Long Island City, NY (5011 Northern Blvd.)

Dallas, TX (9378 N Central Expy)

Tacoma, WA (2214 S. 48th St.)

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