Nintendo wants "more support out of Take-Two"

Following theshock announcementthat the ultra-brutal Manhunt 2 is coming to the family-orientated Wii, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has said he expects "even more support out of Take-Two."

In aninterview with Newsweek, Fils-Aime acknowledged the importance of support from developers like Rockstar, saying: "They bring content that we just don't do."

He went on to explain, "In the case of Take-Two and Rockstar, it was a series of conversations, predominantly with Paul Eibeler, around what made sense for them, what makes sense for us and frankly, those conversations continue.

"I fully expect we will see even more support out of Take-Two in total," he went on to say. "They have fantastic capabilities in sports - sports other than the Mario genre of sports Nintendo doesn't do - so it's a match that needs to happen."

Above: Does this mean the Wii will get its own Table Tennis game?

Reggie also spoke about Nintendo's pledge to aid first party devs in producing games for its platforms.

"We acknowledge that Nintendo needs to do a better job sharing technical expertise and sharing insight from our own creative process," he said. "What we are doing is having our very senior developers spend time with publishers and their development arms helping them understand our platform, and hopefully leading to better games."

We imagine Miyamoto is furiously up-ending tables at third-party development offices as we speak.

April 3, 2007