Nintendo Switch gets anime streaming app in Funimation

Cowboy Bebop
(Image credit: Sunrise)

Anime streaming app Funimation has just launched on the Nintendo Switch in North America.

Funimation joins the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite as the third dedicated media streaming service on the console. YouTube is available around the world on the Switch, but Hulu is available in North America as well.

Right now, Funimation is only available in North America on the Nintendo Switch. At some point later on down the line, it'll be coming to Switch consoles in Mexico, the UK, Ireland, and other countries around the world. I'll definitely be interested to check out the video playback quality on Funimation, which could make the Switch a very nice platform for some quick anime streaming.

There's some fantastic stuff on Funimation right now, even if you're a regular Crunchyroll subscriber (like me). You can use the former streaming service to catch up on the likes of Attack on Titan, Psycho Pass, One Piece, and many more, and of course, there's Cowboy Bebop, so that basically sells the streaming service on its own.

In fact, Funimation-owner Sony revealed that they'd purchased rival streaming service Crunchyroll just last week. The deal was finalized at right around $1.2 billion, and consolidates the entire anime industry in a major way, effectively merging two of the biggest rivals in the streaming scene together. It'll certainly be interesting going forward to see whether either streaming service continues to get exclusives over the other.

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Hirun Cryer

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