Nintendo Power turns 20!

We've seen a lot of gaming magazines rise and fall the past few years, considerably more if you go all the way back to the industry's heyday in the '80s. The way the magazine market is today, it's a major accomplishment when one makes it to 100 issues. Consider then, the milestone that is the 20th anniversary issue of Nintendo Power - 20 years of uninterrupted information straight from the pros at Nintendo.

This issue is special for several reasons, the most relevant to our cause being its further information onMega Man 9, a brand new title that we and sister mag NP got to reveal this week. The cover itself is for Sega's upcoming bloodfestMadWorld.

It's in subscribers' hands now, newsstands July 8 (just a few days away). Check it out for huge reveals for Mega Man 9 and MadWorld, but also soak up the glory of yet another long-lasting game magazine clearing the 20 year mark.

Congrats, guys!

Jul 3, 2008