Nintendo on PSP2: 'The people will decide what is right'

You could easily say that Sony tried to steal away some of Nintendo's 3DS thunder when it revealed the NGP or PSP2 or whatever we're supposed to call it. But Nintendo's not afraid of no stinking Sony handheld. In the end, it says, consumers will vote with their wallets.

In an interview with Spanish gaming site 3DJuegos, Satoru Iwata said of Sony and the NGP, "They're trying to attract consumers from a different direction from ours," according to always-entirely-accurate Google Translations of the article.

"The people will decide what is right," he said. And when it comes to handheld game systems, the people have largely gone with Nintendo. We can count on one hand the number of portable game systems that have made a dent in the monumental competition that is the Game Boy/DS. Nevertheless, the NGP does appear tobring a lot to the table.

"Nintendo is not the kind of company that thinks about how to put opposition to another company's product," said Iwata.

[Source: 3DJuegos]

Jan 31, 2011