Nintendo fans make a unicycle simulator by combining Labo and Game Builder Garage

If your Nintendo Labo controllers are gathering dust in the closet, it's time to bust them out for a fresh set of games on another DIY-focused Nintendo product.

Playfool is a play-oriented design duo, and its latest project is all about giving Labo's cardboard Toy-Con controllers a second lease on life with the creative capabilities of Game Builder Garage. Specifically, the fishing rod, motorbike, and piano from the Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit are all used in inventive ways here. The house's little IR reflecting stickers were sadly not up to the task, if you're wondering why it was left out.

The video rolls through some of the possible alternative implementations for each Toy-Con: you could turn the fishing reel into a gatling gun, for example. Then they show off the finished games: a disaster-prone Unicycle Simulator complete with balancing and pedaling for the fishing rod, a motion controlled cantaloupe launcher for the motorbike, and a somewhat QWOP-esque multiplayer racing game for the piano.

Each game is presented with Nintendo Direct-style aplomb in the video, and you can play with them yourself with the Game Builder Garage codes included in the YouTube description. It's looking like Nintendo may be quietly exiting the cardboard accessory sector of the market, and we haven't heard much about Game Builder Garage since it first arrived in June, but clever creations like these prove they can both keep producing fun ideas for years to come.

Meanwhile, there's plenty more to look forward to in our guide to upcoming Switch games.

Connor Sheridan

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