Nintendo Direct announced for Wednesday. Is the New 3DS finally arriving?

Much like the Spanish Inquisition and flash floods, new Nintendo Directs appear with little warning, only Nintendo’s streaming events are usually more enjoyable. As was announced a matter of hours ago, the house of Mario will host another video presentation tomorrow, specifically at 9am Eastern and 6am Pacific in North America, and at 2pm GMT for the UK. Nintendo says the January 14 Direct is “focused on spring 2015 Wii U and Nintendo 3DS titles,” but rumors indicate that this will finally be when Nintendo announces the New 3DS system for the west.

The New Nintendo 3DS is a modestly upgraded version of the handheld, and has been available in Japan since October last year, with Australia receiving it in November. Meanwhile, gamers everywhere else were met with general silence on the portable, so the time is right for the system to be announced on the upcoming Nintendo Direct. Members of Club Nintendo in the EU already were offered an early chance to buy the system, while rumors circulate that it will be available in the US February 15.

Aside from a new system - and Iwata engaging in some meme-worthy moments - what can we expect from Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct? New details on early 2015 games like Mario Maker, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and Majora’s Mask 3D? A whole new game reveal, as Nintendo usually loves to surprise fans? You can find out in less than 24 hours by heading here for the US feed and here for the UK feed, both of which are usually tailored for the specific region.

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