Nintendo can't make a drift-free Switch controller, so this company made their own GameCube version

Nyxi Wizard
(Image credit: Nyxi)

A manufacturer is producing a Nintendo Switch controller that it claims won't suffer from drift in its lifetime.

That manufacturer would be Nyxi (as first reported earlier today, January 9, by Eurogamer (opens in new tab)), which is putting out a new Nintendo Switch controller. The new device, which you can see below, is modelled after the beloved GameCube controller, and what's more, Nyxi claims this new controller will never suffer from the dreaded Joy-Con drift. Ever.

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It's a pretty bold claim from the manufacturer. Joy-Con drift has been front and center in discussions surrounding the Nintendo Switch for nearly six years now, as players around the world have long filed complaints against Nintendo for degradation of the Switch's controllers causing disruptive and unintended analogue stick inputs.

Over on Nyxi's website (opens in new tab), orders for the "Wizard" controller are now officially open, and you can get your hands on the new controller for $69 plus shipping. All things considered, that's not a bad deal, especially when you consider a pair of new Joy-Con controllers from Nintendo usually retails for around $60 to $80, and a standard Pro controller is about $70.

As recently as last month, a UK consumer group criticized Nintendo for ongoing Joy-Con drift issues, essentially stating that the problem was a fault at Nintendo and not anything to do with the consumer. The consumer group argued that Nintendo should pay for all Joy-Con fixes going forward, and reimburse those who've already been affected, but Nintendo still hasn't responded to the complaint from the group.

For now, then, it may indeed be best to look to third-party manufacturers for a permanent Joy-Con drift fix, rather than Nintendo. 

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