Nintendo and Sony to attend 'public E3'

First-party players Nintendo and Sony are to attend the E for All expo in October this year, which many are calling the public replacement for the now neutered E3.

The expo was announced by Gamepro publisher IDG last year, and unlike that other Los Angeles game expo is fully open to the general public.

This is all according to Gamasutra, who has published initial details of the event which takes place on October 18-20 in E3's former home the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The arrival of the two companies at the show will no-doubt boost the interest of industry players and show-goers, but despite the similar name and shared location E for All is set to be a very different beast from the other videogame super-show.

Due to its proximity to the holiday season and the thralls of average joes patrolling the halls, E for All is expected to have a large amount of already-released titles on show and for the same reason game announcements will likely be scarce.

Registration and pricing details for the expo are expected to be released in the next few weeks.

March 16, 2007