Ninja Reflex - hands on

Dec 6, 2007

Mastering the mysterious art of the ninja is a skill known only to a select few, but come next March even the most un-coordinated gamers will be able to give it a go when Ninja Reflex debuts on the Wii. Unveiled to the world last night, Ninja Reflex feels like a cross between Wii Sports and WarioWare with Mr. Miyagi as your trainer.

Designed around basic martial arts concepts, Ninja Reflex starts off by giving you a “ninja name” and then heading into one of six ninja-themed mini games. The solo experience has players advancing through continuously tougher versions of each challenge. Master a full set of challenges to earn a belt. There are 11 belts in all, making for nearly 300 different challenges to master. Scoring is based on reaction time (hence the “reflex” in the name).