Ninja Gaiden to silence PS3 critics, says Team Ninja

Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi, producer and director for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, says that the developer chose to dedicate Sigma to PS3 to make it the best game it could be, and is confident that its achievements will silence PS3 critics.

"Multi-format videogames have boomed in recent years, but when you make a game for multiple formats you cannot focus on one machine's specific capabilities - you have to focus on a common ground for all formats," Hayashi said at a Sigma event today.

"It is Team Ninja's policy to push a console to its limit and set high standards. Team Ninja wanted to make Ninja Gaiden Sigma the best action game it could be, and push gaming standards to its upper limit. That is why we chose to make the game for PS3."

He later went on to say: "I have heard much criticism of the PS3, but I am confident that Ninja Gaiden Sigma will demonstrate how powerful the PS3 really is."

So why not make an original game from the ground up for PS3, instead of and Xbox remake? The clearly confident Hayashi explains, "We still see Ninja Gaiden on Xbox as the number-one action game, and so we want as many people as possible to experience that game."

He went on to explain that Sigma uses self-shading techniques and other advanced graphical effects in full 1080p resolution and still manages to maintain a solid 60 frames per second which, he claims, no other game in the current generation has managed. "That includes games on Xbox 360," Hayashi adds.

You'll be able to tell us whether you agree or disagree with Hayashi-san when the demo launches in a couple of weeks time (exact date yet to be confirmed), before the full game's July launch.

June 13, 2007