Ninja Gaiden 3 see the first 30 minutes

Ninja Gaiden 3 is one of the first big titles of 2012, and the March release is something Team Ninja fans have been waiting for since 2008. Though it may look familiar, the newly rebuilt developer has a few tricks in this sequel, not the least of which is an increased emphasis on story and a new, bloodier approach to doing special attacks. With a more global view on the world than ever before in the franchise, the third game follows Ryu Hayabusa as he battles a strange cult all over Earth.

Our friends at Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) got their hands on a pretty complete looking version of the first stage to the game and gave it a playthrough. Watch as the OXM crew plays the opening level based in London as Ryu stabs away at this seeming army of enemies. You should read their whole write-up here. And if you’re curious what the second stage looks like, we actually played it with a developer as well as giving the multiplayer a spin. Check out level two below:

Henry Gilbert

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