Nicholas Hoult will walk Fury Road

Casting chatter for Fury Road (aka Mad Max 4) rumbles on.

Skins star Nicholas Hoult has joined the crew headed to Australia this summer to shoot the sequel to 1985’s Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome .

Nothing is really known about Hoult's character, other than he'll be named Nux.

Hoult will star alongside Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy who have already been confirmed as Max Max 4 's main event.

Mad Max minus Mel Gibson could have fans of the Road Warrior wondering why they even bothered to gel their Mohawk and shine their spiked shoulder pads this morning.

Returning to the brutal wasteland of Mad Max's world will be a change of pace for helmer Geroge Miller though, who is currently directing the 3D sequel to Happy Feet.

It’s been twenty five years since Mad Max was on the big screen. Sure, there have been imitators sincem, but with the so-so box office showing of The Book of Eli and The Road , are audiences’ still craving post-apocalyptic action?

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