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Next-gen Sonic trailer dashes in

The latest trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog's Xbox 360 and PS3 outing has arrived, giving us a few tantalizing glimpses of new gameplay elements. Click here [Xbox 360,PS3], or hit the Movies tababove to take a look.

Although much of the trailer is taken up with pre-rendered cutscene footage (shouldn't the actual game look this good by now?) and some clips we've seen before, there are some new bits too. Most excitingly, Sonic can be seen dashing through what appears to be a new Emerald Coast level, complete with the killer whale from Sonic Adventure, although now he grabs it by the dorsal fin to hitch a ride. Looks good to us.

Also spotted among the super-fast jump-cuts is Sonic grinding along the top of the dog robot boss; over 50 robot enemies on-screen at once; Shadow on a motorbike and the massive lava boss towering over our heroes.

We're still hoping the game will be a return to form for Sonic, who turns 15 this year, although we must admit the recent in-development free demo on Xbox Live was a bit sketchy. Well, very sketchy. We'll bring you more on the hog's anniversary outing as it nears its Christmas Xbox 360 release.

October 25, 2006