Nexigo N970p review: "A sharpshooter for streamers and video conferencing"

Nexigo N970p review
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GamesRadar+ Verdict

The Nexigo N970p largely lives up to its premium pricing with bright and accurate capture in both stills and motion. Although the ePTZ functionality isn't too extensive, it's ultimately a nice to have as far as 4K webcams go at this price point.


  • +

    Sharp visuals

  • +

    Great autofocus

  • +

    Two built-in microphones

  • +

    Wide field of view


  • -

    Remote doesn't come with batteries

  • -

    One of the pricier webcams around

  • -

    Requires USB 3.0 connection

  • -

    ePTZ features are pretty basic

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The Nexigo N970p is a solid all-rounder performer for anyone wanting to bring some high definition and light e-PTZ functionality to their streaming setup. Priced at $200 / £160, it brings a few new ideas to the table, and while not quite hitting the mark completely, certainly deserves to be considered one of the best webcams when factoring in the image quality produced and the surprisingly good in-built mics, too. 

Design and Features

The Nexigo N970p looks like a lot of other premium webcams that you've come across if you're involved in the streaming scene. Things on the visual side are basic, but clean and there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. On the technical front, you've got an 8.5-inch MP lens with a 4K Ultra HD Sony Starvis-back illuminated sensor. There are also dual noise-canceling microphones built into each side, but more on them later. I've certainly seen worse specs at the $200 range, so there's little to complain about here.

The Nexigo N970p plugs into your machine through USB 3.0, which means that the vast majority of gaming PC users should be able to utilize it. Even in 2022, this connectivity type is still more common on motherboards than a dedicated USB C in your front or rear I/O, which some models are starting to use as standard. If you don't have USB 3.0 outputs on your rig, then you will need to look elsewhere. This is standard practice for 4K webcams. 

What helps the Nexigo N970p stand out from the competition is its classification as an ePTZ webcam. This unit uses A.I. to pan and zoom in up to 10X, and offers a maximum visual output of 2160p at 30 FPS, which is in line with a lot of other 4K webcams. However, this one features a dedicated remote, which is something I haven't seen before, meaning you can manually adjust certain settings on the fly without having to reach for your deck. 

Nexigo N970p in action

(Image credit: Future / Aleksha McLoughlin)


Without question, the Nexigo N970p is one of the nicest looking webcams that I've had my hands on in recent memory, delivering well-balanced and crisp image quality with stills and in motion. The autofocus here works especially well and, despite being capped to 30 FPS, which is fairly standard for most 4K webcams, things do look consistently smooth when capturing or streaming video. 

Particular mention needs to be given to the in-built stereo mics on either side of the Nexigo N970p, too. While they are no contest for some of the best microphones or streaming or a decent gaming headset mic, those found on this unit do sound surprisingly good. If you're someone who finds themselves in regular video conference calls, such as myself, then you'll appreciate sounding half decent without having to mess around too much. 

The ePTZ quality of the Nexigo N970p is very basic in nature, but it works well enough. The A.I.-powered nature of this webcam does what it sets out to do. Through the remote, or software, you can keep yourself in shot, or zoom in up to 10X without the quality of the picture being too distorted. While functional, you're certainly not getting the ease of use or physical PTZ moving mechanics of the OBSBOT Tiny 4K here, which is superior in this respect in my opinion. 

Nexigo N970p

(Image credit: Nexigo)

Should you buy the Nexigo N970p? 

The Nexigo N970p is a decent 4K webcam with some great microphones built in which performs well and captures you in a decent light. Priced at $200, it is one of the more expensive models on the market, outpricing budget options such as the Trust Teza 4K and matching the likes of the Logitech Brio UHD. 

As far as an Ultra HD shooter is concerned, though, the Nexigo N970p's sharpness cannot be understated, but if you're after PTZ functionality in this resolution and framerate then you may be better served by the OBSBOT 4K Tiny for $30 more.  

How we tested the Nexigo N970p

I've been using the Nexigo N970p for the three months as my main daily driver webcam. With it, I've been engaging in daily video conference calls with my colleagues as well as using this unit in Discord chats and through other instant messaging applications.  

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