Do it again

(Some of) you did it two days ago for the PS3. Now, it's your chance to do it again for the Wii. Tomorrow morning, GameStop stores will open up preorders for Nintendo's system. While interest in it seems at least as high as for the PS3, there are likely to be many more units on store shelves this fall... so it's less pressing to get in the damn line. Still, if you live in the U.S. and you want one locked down, tomorrow is the day to head to EB Games or GameStop and get it done.Here's a copy of the emailthat contains the info, and then there'sthe GAF thread(beware trolls) in case it disappears.

Final pics of Wii interface

NintendojoFRhas got a terrible site design. And it's in French. But it also has photos of the Wii's final interface - once youclick over, just scroll down. This should give you a good idea what you'll be seeing on your TV this November if you manage to snag one of the launch units. Simple and clean, it fits in with the Wii's stated goals of ease-of-use. Not much else to say, is there?

Okami can't save 'em

Clover Studio, the Capcom-backed developer of the transcendent Okami and the "what the hell happened there?" Viewtiful Joe series is no longer. First revealed yesterday via a post on Capcom's Japanese website, the news strikes right as Okami and (to a lesser extent) God Hand have taken off in the US.Game|Lifeoffers a little analysis and a link to the press release, while our sister siteNext Generationoffers an interview with a Capcom spokesperson to shed light on the situation. Most interesting isInsert Credit's post, which alludes to an interview with Atsushi Inaba, one of the men behind Clover, which hinted at the developer's fate. The practical fallout: two of the big creative minds at Capcom are gone now. Where will they land? We can't say. But don't go looking for Okami 2 anytime soon, though the publisher will retain the rights...

Sam %26amp; Max attax

The dog and rabbit detective duo are the stars of their own all-newgame series, but what if you want to catch up on their back story?GameTap, which is one of the places you can get the download-only games is also offering up the entire 1997 cartoon series alongside it.

If you think that's odd, get this: GameTap will also be the first place you'll be able to hear the latestCD by 80's hair metal clown posse Twisted Sister ("We're Not Gonna Take It", "I Wanna Rock") - a Christmas album - which GameTap is streaming as of today.

F OK, says J

More headline-grubbing politicians have tried to smack down games, and yet again a judge has turned the tables. A bill designed to lump in violent games with pornography has been blocked in Oklahoma. There are no pompous quotes from any specific politician in theNext Generation story, so we'll just assume that every politician in the state is equally to blame (if any Oklahoma politicians are reading this and take issue with being thought of as out-of-touch windbags, they simply have to email us and set the record straight, after all! We promise to answer all suitable responses.)

New screens

Tony Hawk's Project 8 (360)
Superman Returns (PS2,Xbox,360)
Justice League Heroes (PS2,Xbox)
Call of Duty 3 (PS2,Xbox)
Thrillville (PS2)
Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City(PSP)
Tomb Raider Legend (DS)
Bubble Bobble Revolution (DS)
Monster 4x4: World Circuit (Wii)
Scarface: The World is Yours (PS2,Xbox)
EA Replay (PSP)
Maelstrom (PC)

New video

Justice League Heroes (PS2)
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (PS3)
Superman Returns (PS2,Xbox,360)
Family Guy (PS2,Xbox)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Wii)

October 12, 2006