Not work safe

We mean it -this siteis not work safe. But it might be worth the trip: pictures of hotties getting it on with classic hardware. It's a calendar, actually. Its title, subtle as can be?Nerdcore. We see a Power Glove and a Game Boy Color... and a few other bits of hardware that we usually don't talk about on GamesRadar. If you want to see blurred-out versions, why not make friends with Nerdcore onMySpace...? The page has rainbow glitter text, of course. According to it, Nerdcore (the, uh, person) loves The Wizard, is single and doesn't want kids. We're sure that if you friend her she'll fall in love with you! This obviously isn't just a ploy to use sex appeal to get money from geeks.

Real life Grand Theft Auto

From ass cracks to car crashes:Wired has put up an in-depth lookat the downfall of Stefan Eriksson, the mobster turned video game executive who wrapped his million-dollar Ferrari Enzo around a pole in Los Angeles this February. The story is a fascinating and well-written tale... it's more or less a real-world episode of CSI that happens to involve vast quantities of money and acrappy handheldnobody would ever buy. Who could have resisted top Gizmondo titleMomma Can I Mow the Lawnif it ever came out? Oh, right. Everyone.

Remember, he was drunk

We're not sure how the anti-game people are going to spin this one. The short version: a dude got wasted and stabbed his pal with a butcher knife over a game of "football on PlayStation." So reportsThe News Courierof Athens, Alabama, near where the event occurred. Here's our question: will politicians drop Bully and start going after NCAA Football now? Or maybe it's time to bring backProhibition. After all, the dude was drunk.

Dog and girl

Excited for The Sims 2: Pets? You won't be, after this news... unless you're a 13 year old girl. EA has signed a deal with "multi-platinum, chart-topping recording artist, actress, fashion designer and philanthropist" (buh?) Hilary Duff.

It's not just Ms. Duff, of course - her "beloved" Chihuahua Lola also shows up in the game. We're just hoping you can build a wall of chairs and trap them... we want to see who pisses herself first.

If you want to read about a billion more fatuous quotes, hitEA's press release. Seriously, we can't be bothered to type any more of this stuff up. To be fair, we know that this expansion pack will sell about a billion copies, and make a ton of people happy. So let's dwell on the positives...

Demo time again

In the time-honored tradition of overplaying one of Battlefield's levels during the pre-launch demo, there will be a Battlefield 2142demoof the Sidi Power Plant this Friday. This level holds true to the Battlefield pedigree by staying vehicle-based and contains every heavy attack vehicle you'll see in the game. However, some vehicles are only spawned when you capture a key base, so you'll need to fight to get to them (and EA, can we skip the asinine 10 minute round limit this time?)

If you want an even earlier dose, pre-order with your credit card and you'll get in on the demo today. But honestly, folks, with the planned in-game advertising, non-support of widescreen monitors (it's "cheating" they say), and a growing history of maddening Battlefield bugs - we say wait for the review before you decide it's worth 50 bucks to get continually teamkilled over that uber battlemech. Either way, hitthe siteand check it out.

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PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (PS3)
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October 5, 2006