Baseball and MMOs had better watch out. Online RPG-obsessed Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling -click hereto see the embarrassing details - has teamed up with post-relevant comic artist Todd McFarlane and R.A. Salvatore, about whom we don't have anything much negative to say since he actually writes pretty decent fantasy novels about angsty elves. The plan? According toGamasutra, the triumvirate has founded Green Monster Games in a bid to create "industry-changing games." Like EverQuest II, McFarlane's Evil Prophecy (Game Rankings says 32%) and the solidly mediocre Demon Stone - the last three titles they were involved in, respectively? Good luck, guys.

Turn on the radio

Rockstar has thrown the doors off its official Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Storiessite, with blaring music and amusing radio station antics, as well as a movie of the game, screenshots, and other new info. Or, hey, you could just see the movie without leaving our site and skip all the other stuff you don't actually care about... justclick here.

Portrait of teh awesome

Castlevania maven Koji "IGA" Igarashi sat down with Nintendo of Europe for an interview at the Games Convention trade show in Leipzig, Germany a couple of weeks ago. If you're European, you can read it ontheir site; if you aren't, you can't, because you need a login. Fortunately, someone has thoughtfully cut and pasted the whole thing ontoNeoGAF. You don't really need to read the whole thing, though you can - the important points are as follows. The Wi-Fi Connection for the upcomingCastlevania: Portrait of Ruin(which looks awesome otherwise) sounds really lame, and IGA's interested in putting Castlevania on Wii. Which is exactly where it belongs. Important quote: "...we would like to think of something interesting and pleasant for Wii. I have some ideas for Castlevania for Wii."

Hounds in hiding

We apologize. A few weeks ago, Namco Bandai took the time out to show us Bounty Hounds (which gives us the pic up top) for the PSP and we didn't have time to let you guys know that it's actually starting to shape up. Though we've found the game suspicious in many prior encounters, We were starting to change our mind, based on that recent showing, but we're a bit worried by the latest development: the game's coming out next week. Talk about stealth moves...

The game, which pits you as one badass with two weapons who takes on planet-loads of slavering alien menaces, might just fill the action/dungeon-crawling hole that Rengoku sure as hell can't. In other words: it's probably worth a look. We'll definitely report back with more once we get our hands on the final boxed copy. We can't offer much more just yet, but maybethis moviewill help.

Nickel and dime

Major Nelson is paid to like Xbox Live, but we like to think that he's genuinely enthusiastic about this stuff by nature. Unfortunately, he refrained from weighing in on this latest spectacularly pointless download. Instead, he's just presentedthe infostraight-faced and wandered off. Microsoft is offering a Project Gotham Racing 3-themed Uno deck for $1.25 (that's 100 Microsoft space credits). We were going to ask if anybody wants this, but probably a few of you do - and why not? - Uno rocks, and PGR3 rocks. All the same, we don't quite get it. But it's there... so go crazy, if that's your bag.

Wii gets dumped on

While we're very excited about the bold new gameplay possibilities Nintendo's Wii opens up, we're already about ready to stick our heads in a toilet and flush it every time a new game gets announced for the thing. Why? Because GameCube Syndrome has already struck, and publishers are weighing Wii down with endless kiddie cartoon adaptations. Spongebob wasn't enough... oh no. Now, Midway brings The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Oh, yeah, it's available for the PS2 and GameCube as well. You know what that means. We can't hate them for it, but how about something, y'know, real?

New screens

Ridge Racer 7(PS3)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories(PSP)
NBA Street 2007 (PS3,360)

New movies

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories(PSP)

September 6, 2006