We can afford Wii games

Nintendo has toldGamesIndustry.bizthat game pricing will be "broadly in line" with the current generation. While ignoring that lines are sharp - and not broad - this basically implies that Wii games will be $50, just like GameCube games, while leaving Nintendo room to charge you $60 for the next Zelda if it wants to.

Feeling a tingle

Nintendo has postedan online surveyat its website to ask users how they feel about Tingle, the spandex-clad sprite who followed Link around like a fanboy in The Wind Waker. This Zelda hanger-on is starring in a new DS RPG due soon in Japan, which is obviously why they want to know... since they're obviously a bit afraid that gamers won't take to Link-free freak festival in English. The final question sums up with "...would you purchase Tingle's game if you could?"

If you find the idea gives you a little tingle,head over to the websiteand fill out the survey. Bear in mind you need a My Nintendo login.

Mario RSVPs min-E3

Nintendo is reportedly going to attend the new sample-sized "E3 Media Festival" video game show (you'll remember the downsizingreported Monday.) Sony and Microsoft will probably be there too. With big stands. And big screens. And maybe even booth babes - just not the unwashed masses that are no longer welcome at this newly private industry affair.

Enjoy the whole sordid talehere...

Unreal Tournament 2007 delayed until first half of next year

That's the whole story right there. It's true too. We could pad it out by adding some hilarious lines about needing tissues, because you might cry at the news, although seriously, who cries when a game is late? Has anyone ever? Or is it sort of a joke? So then we could say something completely speculative like... it could be out in January or June, or anywhere in between. Or if it slips again... a bit later. We just don't know. That's how news works, folks.

Get even lesshere... Big shout out to 1UP; what some gamers call home, we call free news.

Geriatric PS2 games get high definition polish

A new gadget from Fire International claims to makeover tired old PS2 games in sexy HD-o-vision. Those with the necessary tech will be able to choose from HD 720p or 1080i settings, Enhanced Definition (ED) TV 480p mode and several VGA options. Suggestions that this technology could improve Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness have been non-existent.

You can readthe whole fact-blabif you're interested.

August 2, 2006