Microsoft announces new, customisable 'Elite' Wireless controller

Xbox One does already have a fantastic control pad, but it's already getting a revision. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller features limitless customisation and changeable elements, which means you'll be able to change d-pad and analogue sticks around on the face of the pad.

The new pad's most striking feature is the strange, concave surface that appears to replace the D-pad. The video showed this unusual surface tilting and rocking like a floating D-pad (which should mean it's great for 2D fighters as it mimics the Sega Saturn controller's exceptional design), rather than being touch-sensitive as its appearance might suggest. It was also shown to be removed and replaced with a traditional cross-style d-pad, so you don't need 'the weird bit' as I'm affectionately dubbing it now.

Described by Microsoft as "an elite controller for elite gamers", the new pad features button remapping, trigger remapping, thumbstick sensitivity curves and min/max levels of analogue sensitivity.

The new controller also features 'hair trigger locks', apparently to limit play on the triggers so that they're more responsive, and will be compatible with Windows 10 as well as Xbox One.

Other controllers in the past have toyed with changeable elements like the Mad Catz Pro Circuit Controller for Xbox 360, but that pad didn't offer reassignable buttons. And the one I tried broke after a month, component by component. This one probably won't. No price or release date has been announced yet, but watch this space.

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Justin Towell

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