New videos from Civ IV: Warlords

It's not long until the release of strategy follow-up Civilization IV: Warlords, but we'd still like to plug the gap for you with a pair of videos showing two new features appearing in this expansion pack. Check them out by hitting the movies tab above.

Have a peek, and you'll see two of the three new "wonders" that are on offer. First is the Great Wall, a structure you can construct in order to stop Barbarians stomping all over your turf. The second is the Temple of Artemis, a building that doubles some of your trade income. Want to know the specific characteristics of each wonder? Then read on, but be warned - it may as well be Greek if you've no formal Civ experience:

Great Wall
• Prevents Barbarians from entering your cultural borders on that continent
• Doubles the number of Great Generals emerging from combat inside your cultural borders
• Requires Masonry

Temple of Artemis
• Income from trade routes doubled in that city
• Gives one free priest specialist in that city
• Requires Polytheism
• Obsolete with Chemistry

Civilization IV: Warlords shows up at your local store on July 24.

June 16, 2006