New Survival Of The Dead Clip Online

George A. Romero's latest entry into his seminal 'Dead' series is the re-titled Survival Of The Dead - and we have the first clip.

Set on an island off the Pacific coast of North America, the film follows a community who try not to kill their recently deceased, recently reanimated relatives in the hopes of instead finding a cure.

The pic, originally titled ...Of The Dead , is hot on the heels of the 2007 entry Diary Of The Dead , and had opened a lively office debate about the possible prefix ( Milking Of The Dead ? Jumping The Shark Of The Dead ? Flogging The Horse Of The Dead ?) until the new, thoroughly more positive title was released.

The jury is out at the videostore over this one, reluctant to announce a verdict out of loyalty to Romero, but the diminishing quality of recent Dead sequels, 2005's Land Of The Dead and the frankly awful Diary Of The Dead , means nobody is exactly holding their breath.

Watch the clip below and judge for yourself;

Verdict? Another classic? Or is this one Dead too far? Let us know your thoughts.

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