New slick black Balance Board coming to holiday Wii bundle in Europe

The only thing cooler than a new piece of video game hardware is an old piece of video game hardware with a new color. Enter the black Wii bundle with black Wii Balance Board.

Marking the first time Nintendo has released a Balance Board in a color other than white, this is a push from the company to get more people to buy Wii Fit during its most popular time. That is, as a gift for people who will think it's really cool and will play it nonstop until New Year's Eve, and then stuff it in the closet for the rest of eternity.

The new bundle, called the Wii Fit Plus Pack, contains the black Wii, black Wii Remote, black Balance Board, a copy of Wii Fit Plus, and a copy of Wii Sports.

Itwas a big deal when Nintendo launched the black Wii earlier this year as a way to incite more sales of the system. It was the first time in nearly four years that a different version of the Wii was manufactured.

Just a few weeks ago, Nintendo also launched a red Wii in the US with a copy of New Super Mario Bros Wii. It's all good, but since my favorite color is heliotrope, I'm always disappointed by these announcements.

So far this bundle has only been confirmed for Europe, with a December 3 ship date, but we may see it come to North America within the same time frame, if we're lucky enough to be allowed a new color.

Nov 19, 2010

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