New Silent Hill images drip in

Being Silent Hill nuts here at 'Radar towers, we're stoked to have more visuals from PSP's upcoming installment, Silent Hill Origins. Especially since all we've had to tide us over since SH 4's hellish adventure was the just-not-as-satisfying-as-we'd-hoped Silent Hill movie.

As ourrecent hands onproved, the game's been beefed up in the scare-stakes and given a proper Silent Hill-feel, with the originally planned over-the-shoulder cam replaced by more traditional views. Check outthese fresh screens and you'll see much to recognize/fill you with unshakeable terror. More soon.

Above: As you can see in this screenshot-mash up we've made, Silent Hill Origins repeats the series' horrifying trick of warping the world around you in nightmarish fashion

April 30, 2007