New shots of Rainbow Six: Lockdown

Red Alert, Full Spectrum Warrior and Rainbow Six - what is it about these war games that always forces the developers add a splash of colour to their titles? Could it be something to do with the fact that even Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen would be laughed out of B&Q for trying to call their drab backdrops and mottled camouflage anything other than grey?

But Rainbow Six: Lockdown is a game that is glad to be grey because this edition of the stealthy shooter is aiming to be darker than ever before. This time the plot revolves around a personal mission when the colourfully-named counter terrorist crew are chased down by a vengeful terrorist cell. And so the gameplay revolves around commanding and rescuing individual characters while still protecting the rest of your under-fire friends.

With a team that is now extended to 10 members, the game has expanded to include 16 missions along with six modes, two cooperative options and 10 multiplayer maps. These new options include the usual Survival, Team Survival, and Sharpshooter games along with the returning Lone Rush from Black Arrow, its timer free equivalent, Terrorist Hunt, and the brand new and still mysterious Infiltrator mode.

There are also a few differences between the PS2 and Xbox versions with Bill's version including the Total Conquest mode, while the Sony spin-off features a version named Rivalry where bombs replace the satellites.

Rainbow Six: Lockdown is sneaking under the wire to PC, PS2 and Xbox in March