New Sea of Thieves Adventure The Siren's Prize is live now

Sea of Thieves' latest Adventure, titled The Siren's Prize, is running from today until September 29.

In case you aren't caught up on Adventures, they're limited time, story-driven quests with an interconnected story that plays out within seasons. They don't take long to complete, so they're perfect for when you're hankering for a quick seafaring excursion but still want to feel like you accomplished something.

The newest Sea of Thieves Adventure takes daring pirates deep below the surface to take on nefarious sirens guarding ancient treasure and secrets. References to the Veil of the Ancients in the story summary suggests we'll finally encounter the elusive species that's so far only been teased.

To start The Siren's Prize Adventure, you'll need to talk to Larinna outside any old outpost, and she'll send you off to meet Belle, who was introduced during the very first Sea of Thieves Adventure, The Shrouded Deep, back in April. Belle will tell you about an unnerving discovery she's recently made and send you off to The Sunken Kingdom, where the sirens dwell, to recover her ancient treasure and hopefully keep some for yourself.

Sea of Thieves Sirens and their elaborate underwater shrines have been a main component of the game since they were introduced as part of season 4, and I've really enjoyed them. I'm less fond of the ones who decide to be jerks and attack me when I'm just trying to loot a sunken ship, but exploring The Sunken Kingdom is always a dazzling spectacle. 

Meet the Sea of Thieves crew running the Daily Show of the high seas.

Jordan Gerblick

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