New Resident Evil set to shuffle into Spike's Video Game Awards if teaser images are to be believed

If you enjoy sinking bullets into the skulls of living challenged souls, then you'll no know doubt be excited to hear a new Resident Evil could be unveiled at Spike's Video Game Awards next month. Well, that's if a teaser video briefly showing the Biohazard logo (Resi's title in Japan) is anything to go by.Gamerzineshas also unearthed further t-shirt-based evidence (no, really), which hints at an announcement on the survival horror series being forthcoming

Above: The Biohazard symbol in all it's really evil glory

Thanks to Gamerzines putting on their best investigative jarnalist hat and monocle, we've learned that the image with the zombies above is very similar to an official Resi t-shirt.

Above: Notice the near identical poses of two of the zombies (eh, except one's facing a different way)

So it looks like there's a decent chance Capcom will showcase the next instalment in their megaton horror franchise at the VGAs. The only question is, what exactly will the game be? Strong rumours surfaced last month that SOCOM developer Slant Six Games was working on an online-focused title, called Raccoon City.

Above: Will our online Photoshop'ed dreams come true?

On the other hand, Sony also announced details of a PSP Resi back at its E3 2009 conference, which we've yet to hear another peep about.

Above: Everyone still likes PSP, right?

Hopefully, though, judging by quotes taken a few months ago from former Capcom bigwig Keiji Inafune, it could well be Resident Evil 6. Now, lets hope the game will go down the 'Barry Burton Zombie Astronaut Adventures' route we've all been gagging for.

Above: Resident Evil 6: Barry Burton Zombie Astronaut Space Adventures - you know you want it

Out of interest, what's everyone's favourite Resident Evil? Even though I appreciate Resi 4 is technically the best game, Nemesis is still my favourite of the series. What about the rest of you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Nov 26, 2010

David Meikleham
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