New Rainbow Six Vegas video

We got a hot video from Ubisoft this morning featuring Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas producer Alexandre Parizeau dishing out the dirt on the gameplay behind the upcoming Clancy combat-simulator. Granted, most of the in-game footage shown is stuff that we've already seen from their E3 trailer, but it's definitely nice to have a little explanation from one of the bigwigs at Ubisoft.

Developer Ubisoft Montreal is pushing for maintaining a permanent state of tension, and if you check out the video by clicking the Movies tab above, you'll see exactly what they're talking about. Non-stop cataclysm on a city-wide scale and nail-biting hostage situations seem to be the tone that you can expect from the moment you pop this baby into your next-gen console. So, fair warning: if you feel like you've already got enough stress on your plate, you may want to avoid the nerve-jangling experience of Rainbow Six Vegas... but, if you're anything like us, shooting terrorists in the dynamically lit neon glory of Vegas is a welcome stress-management tool.

August 9, 2006