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New PSP "definitely" coming, says "analyst"

Even more PSP revamp rumors have emerged this morning, this time slopping from the mouth of Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, who says that sources indicate Sony "definitely" has a redesigned PSP in the works.

Speaking to - which uses significantlyfewer swear words than we do - Sabastian said that during a Sony presentation at this week's Gamers' Day event, Sony "implied" that a reworked PSP is surely on the way.

"That may or may not mean a change in form factor," he said.

Sebastian backs this with his own industry sources, who apparently tell him that a revamped Sony handheld is imminent. "I can tell you from industry people I've talked to that [Sony] definitely has something in the works," he said regarding a reworked PSP.

Sony recently slashed the price of the slick handheld to $169.99, perhaps pre-empting the arrival of some kind of remixed hardware.

It's also set to roll out the PSP Go! Cam next month in Europe, which personally we'd like to see incorporated in a redesigned PSP.

We will, as always, keep an eye on the situation (because we get paid for it) and shine two really bright torches in to the sky when Sony announces something.

May 18, 2007