New Prince of Persia is "spiritual successor to Sands of Time"

Despite the drastic new art style and dark themes of recent trailers for the new Prince of Persia, producer Ben Mattes says that it won't alienate fans of the much-respected last-gen trilogy.

When asked if radical changes may alienate loyal fans, Mattes told us: "I would bet my job that the answer is no. You've seen some dark stuff because that's kind of what we want to show you at the start, but more than anything before this is the spiritual successor to the Sands of Time."

He went on to explain: "There's tons of platforming and there's that mystical theme that was so critical in Sands of Time. If anything I think we'll see the fans that lapsed after Sands of Time come back."

That said, Mattes also reckons Warrior Within fans'll be pleased too. "The people who liked the edgier stuff in Warrior Within we'll hopefully come back as well, because we've got that."

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Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 2, 2008