New Prime Gaming capsule might be the biggest League of Legends giveaway ever

League of Legends
(Image credit: Riot Games)

This month's Prime Gaming might include the biggest giveaway League of Legends has ever seen.

A new Prime Gaming capsule - available to Amazon Prime subscribers who link to their Twitch account - launches today in partnership with League of Legends developer Riot Games. Inside is 650 of the game's premium currency, Riot Points, a free skin, five new characters, a 30-day XP boost, and other currency and customisation bonuses.

Normally, Riot's not exactly stingy - this is the continuation of a long-running partnership with Twitch that saw each Prime Gaming subscriber get the resources to build themselves 12 free skins last year. That said, the inclusion of both a skin and the currency, the latter of which is rarely, if ever, given away like this, is a particularly generous offering. The addition of the XP boost and those five champions also makes this a particularly good deal for newer players.

Riot's partnership with Twitch is going beyond League of Legends, with content arriving for almost all of its games and their respective esports scenes throughout 2022.

Prime Gaming has always been a pretty good deal, but Prime Gaming says that this particular collab "raises the bar on content quality and value, setting a new standard for what's available to Prime Gaming customers." Hopefully that means that the quality of what's on offer should be getting even higher, no matter what games you're unlocking bonuses for.

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