New Prey trailer introduces the female version of Morgan Yu, and it feels like deja vu

It's not a feature that's been heavily marketed, but Bethesda's upcoming Prey will let you play as either a male or female version of protagonist Morgan Yu. If this is something you'd forgotten or are just learning about for the first time, allow a new trailer to show you the concept in action:

So here's the thing: that trailer is, other than the female voice, exactly the same as the gameplay debut that Bethesda released back in August. Compare and see for yourself:

Personally, I think that's a perfect way to introduce this version of Yu. It sends the message that there's no impact that gender has on gameplay, just on voice acting and who you identify with. Of course, if this turns out to be anything like the Mass Effect fandom, there'll be debates for years over who's better: BroYu or FemYu. So look forward to that.

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Sam Prell

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